Alex Hassinger
Alex Hassinger

With thoroughbreds we very often run horses when they are two years old. Now since most horses are not fully mature until they are 5 years old, it can be difficult to train and race a two year old. It is the responsibility of the trainer to judge if a specific horse is capable of handling the rigors of training and running as a two year old. If they aren’t they are usually kept in light training until they mature and brought back for racing as a 3 year old.

In many other breeds and discipilines it is very common to see horses competing into their teens and even their 20′s! LubriSyn is a sponsor of the National High School Association and we very often see kids riding horses that are in their 20′s, because of the simple fact that these horses are very experience and safe for these kids to compete on.

With the help of LubriSyn and Re-Borne we have seen many rope horses, in particular ,regain some of their competitive edge and be successful well into their early 20′s.