Daily Care & Routine

ALEX: This is a day-to-day thing. This is something that really encompasses everything you do with that horse. Your tack; what kind of tack are you going to use? Keeping your tack clean, but more importantly, making sure your horse is healthy on a daily basis; grooming, picking their feet, what they’re feeding and how they’re eating, and keeping a general eye on everything that goes on around them.

STEVE: I have a horse that just came in California. When he got here, he started showing really, really abnormal patterns, as far as eating was concerned. I came in and checked his teeth right away, because normal routine. I saw some things with his feet; we’ve dealt with his feet here. His teeth, basically, were completely, had not been looked at for quite a while, apparently, because he had teeth on him like a dinosaur. First thing we did was get his teeth fixed. Now he appears to be eating much better.

Small details that you look at sometimes add up to be a great deal, as far as the care of your horse is concerned.

ALEX: I can hear him eating right here.

STEVE: Yeah.