General Appearance

STEVE: The general appearance of a healthy horse has a lot to do with the brilliance and the brightness in their eye. The curiosity that they sense, you know, the surroundings. They have a good healthy coat that has a sheen to it, a shine to it. Their ribs are covered, they have good top line, they have good cover over their back, the legs are good and clean. There’s no puffiness, or a-symmetry. And that their feet are balanced and clean, and you know, there’s, they basically have an overall healthy movement and look to them, that looks very very relaxed and comfortable in their environment.

They don’t look stressed, they don’t look nervous, they look very relaxed and comfortable.

ALEX: So it’s, mental as well as physical. Because obviously if there’s a physical situation with a horse, then he would have a not so good attitude, not so bright, kinda dull. And it so, it’s something to look for. A horse will give you, an idea that you know, his ears are up, his head’s up, he’s bright and alert. That’s a very positive sign.