Sound Movements

STEVE: The sound movement of a horse should reflect probably just like everything else – horse’s attitude, their brightness, alertness this sort of thing. Along with that, when a horse is bright and alert they tend to be sound. When they are unsound they tend to be a little stressed. They have a little worried look to them. Their posture is a little bit more, let’s say, more reticent. They seem to be a little up tight. They’re not nearly as relaxed.

We’re looking for symmetry and the large muscle groups over their hip. They’re relax. They will rest one hip, then rest the other hip symmetrically. They are able to get up and down. You’ll notice if you turn them out, they move around freely. They don’t have a nod, a limp. They are not tight, and they are able to roll on either side, and look pretty symmetrical and very comfortable at getting up and moving around.

ALEX: I think equally as important as being on your horse and feeling how they move, is to watch them around the barn. Watch them in the stall. See how they lay down. See how they get up. See if they are pointing one limb more than the other. See if they are balling bedding up under their feet. I think there are a lot of small indications of a horse that’s resting in the stall that can help you determine that maybe there is an issue and you can call your veterinarian.

STEVE: Yeah, if they are sound, absolutely.