Healthy Body Weight

STEVE: Healthy body weight of a horse, would be more probably, more reflective of exactly what they are used for, and what they’ve been doing. A horse that’s been turned out, that has been doing nothing, can have a healthy body weight, and they may be just a little bit, you know, over weight sometimes. Because here they put on weight at the, you know, going in these pastures, cause the grass is so nutritionally plentiful.

But as far as like, you know, when a horse is first introduced to your area or you, you’re looking for a horse that has good cover over it’s back, good cover over it’s rib, and I like to see reserve, meaning a little extra. So, if you go to stress them, or you get ready to put them in an exercise, and once you’ve made a determination of what level of fitness they have, you know, you start determining how much pressure you can put them under.

ALEX: Probably another important thing to is that if you have concerns about your horse and body weight would be to consult your veterinarian and really to go over your horse’s diet. You know, what kind of hay their on, what kind of grain you’re using, so to call upon your veterinarian expert to go through a proper diet your horse needs to be on for whatever position of his training he’s in or not in.