Alex Hassinger
Alex Hassinger

How old is the scrape? Has it begun to heal?

I would defintely keep a “standing bandage” on it for protection and to keep it clean and free from bacteria and dirt. You will need to change it everyday and give the injury some “air”, plus it is not good to keep a standing bandage on for consecutive days. “Standing Bandages” are usually some sort of quilt that is wrapped around the leg and then a flannel wrap is put on top to hold it in place. You do not want to put to much pressure on the bandage and it is not a good idea to use an elastic bandage.

Furacin has always worked well for me, and also by using a sterile pad it will help to keep it clean and not dirty your bandage. Once it has begun to heal and is not weeping anymore you can leave your badage off and that will aid the rest of the healing process.

It is also good to keep the cut clean with peroxide, but only use that in the first few initial days of the injury.

Let us know if you have any further questions. Good Luck.