STEVE: A hematoma is a subcutaneous bruise that tends to collect or pool a lot of fluid in one area and becomes very, very soft and fluctuant. What has happened is you get subcutaneous hemorrhage that basically collects and pools in one area and it creates a big baggy local area. Hematoma can underneath the skin from an injection, but it is usually more commonly due to an area that’s been traumatized and creates a lot of subcutaneous hemorrhage.

ALEX: But isn’t hematoma after-care is kind of important because if you don’t get the swelling out of that hematoma it can cause problems later on?

STEVE: It can become a sterile abscess and then you may have to drain it. A lot of times you may have to drain it anyway. Hematoma can occur anywhere, it can occur all over large muscle groups and typically after a while they become gravity-dependent and they will move down toward the lower limb and basically you end up having a big limb. Eventually the body will absorb it or if it doesn’t then you’ll have to lance it and drain it.