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    Just to be clear my horse doesn’t have a broken leg. I was just wondering why are horses so frequently put down when they break a leg?

    Alex Hassinger

    Actually with the advances of equine medicine, the numbers of horses being put down have decreased significantly. Dr. Allday incorporates many advanced therapies in his practice and with quicker diagnose a lot of horses are coming back from injuries they couldn’t have come back from before.

    Steve Allday

    Fractures do occur on equine athletes somewhat frequently as they tend to occur in most mammals from time to time. When an compound or “open” fracture happens  the  bone is exposed to the environment and contamination occurs rapidly. These fractures can be reduced and internal fixation devices or pins, plates or screws can be applied to give the fracture stability. The complicated part of this equation is circulation to the area and maintaining  equal distribution of weight to all four limbs. When the affected limb is  unable to bear its share of the horse weight while recovering overloading the other limbs can lead to laminitis which is what many of these cases finally suffer from. The laminitis episode can become so severe that the horse has to be euthanized. Not to mention the incredible amount of antibiotics that the horse must be on for a very long time after it has an open fracture.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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