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    When the last two processing plants closed back in 2007 horses were sent to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. The senate cut off funding for the FDA to send inspectors, but apparently this has shifted recently.

    The plants claim they can “provide a humane” option for horses nearing the end of their lives. But we all know this isn’t really a humane option. What would it take for you to support these facilities? Do they actually increase the demand for horse meat? I mean will we be raising horses with the idea that eating them will be something to re-coop costs if these facilities are available? What can we do to make sure this is humane by standards outside the meat packing facility?
    Does contacting your senator make a difference?

    Below is the article i saw most recently about the current state of these matters.


    Meat packing companies propagandize slaughter as an alternative for sick, old, suffering horses that would die soon anyway. The truth is 92% of horses going to slaughter are relatively healthy, according to the USDA.There are tons of programs all over the country for retired working horses so that they can live out their lives in a meaningful or even pleasurable way. Those that are suffering should be put down in a truly humanely manner by a veterinarian.


    Kelly Allday

    This article was released this morning and it made me think of this thread. I wanted to share.

    Below are some highlights of the article:

    Front Range Rescue filed an action against Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture, seeking an injunction against the USDA in granting the processing plant’s approval. The filings are due to environmental and health concerns:

    “Americans do not intend their horses to end up as meat, as American captive and wild horses are not treated by their original owners as food animals.

    “Because they are not raised in regulated industries conscious of public health and safety concerns, but rather in private homes, on racetracks, and as working animals, serious environmental issues arise if they are slaughtered for human food.

    “Almost all American horses are given a wide variety of drugs and other substances that render their blood and tissue contaminated and dangerous to consume.”


    The Obama administration has requested that a hold be put on this. It is really uncertain still with the lawsuits and the politics around it if it will even become a thing.

    Contact your representative if you want to help.

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