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    Royal Moment

    Hello Dr. Allday,


    I have a beautiful 8 year old TB mare who raced for only year and she was let go. I have had her since she was 3, we started over the jumps when she was 4 and by 5 we competed in different classes up to 1.00 meter (3’3′) since last year she is showing signs of navicular disease. her soreness is up and down however it is in both sides. Since i have had her her shoeing has been very carefully monitored and she has never been without shoes. she has excellent hoof with no cracks at all.

    I wanted to see what medication you would recommend that i can give her to ease off the pain. something that would make her comfortable for few hours.

    How about injections to the coffin joints?

    I would appreciate any advise.




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