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    Sometimes I think I can tell what my horse is thinking, but is there any way I can tell?

    Alex Hassinger


    It is very important to know what your horse is “thinking”, but his is a process that might take more than a few minutes, and you might not ever know everything he is thinking. Working with your horse is the first step to understand his particular mannerisms, quirks and personality…..and the more you are around him the more you will learn about him. Always watch his actions, even when you’re not riding him, with everything that he encounters. A horse’s eye is a gateway into his thought process; how he looks at things and how he reacts can give you a “heads up” as to what he is thinking. Always watch your horses eye constantly and watch how he carries his head and what he does with his ears when he  when he reacts to things, this is a good start to understanding what your horse might be thinking. His mannerisms and quirks can give you insight into what he might like or dislike. When riding your horse and he is inquisitive about something always “give him his head” so he can see/hear/and smell something. Being herd animals horses need to see hear and especially smell things, so if you want to become friends with a horse just blow in his nose to get acquainted.


    I have always enjoyed trying to “get in my horse’s head.” She is the funniest animal you will meet. This makes me wonder on a more literal interpretation.. “What would Molly say to me right now if she could.”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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