ALEX: The benefits to lunging a horse is they’re going to get probably get more activity than if they were turned out. A lot of horses will get turned out onto paddock and eat grass and hang out for a while. They might run around a little bit, but it’s not a controlled exercise environment. Lunging will actually bring them to a level of fitness, and then you can probably take them to the next step of when you’re riding them, that you’re going to trot for a good 10 or 15 minutes, you’re going to lope or canter for a good 15 or 20 minutes, and then you might do your activity that you’re going to do, if that’s roping, cutting, or barrel racing.

There is the warm-up that’s necessary, number one. Number two; there’s also a regimen of certain amount of activity per day that gets them to that fitness level. The fitness level of a horse too, also is predetermined by their age. Some of the older Western Pleasure Horses or Trail Horses are up in age. They’ve had a good training regimen, they’ve gone and done a lot, they’re experienced; they’re usually a quarter horse breed or a really easily-minded thoroughbred that takes these activities well. They might not need as much activity or training to stay fit because all they’re doing is going through a trail ride, or something like that.