Hauling A Trailer

ALEX: I think, Dr., you pull your trailer with a dually one-ton don’t you?

STEVE: Yeah a dually-one ton, yep. And it’s a diesel, which is, you know, its got plenty of power, you know, I mean, its a pretty good sized trailer, its a four horse, with a 12 and half foot short wall living quarter on it. And so it have considerable weight, but you’ve gotta have enough size in your vehicle, at least a one ton pick-up and they make, you know, the sport chassis models, and a lot of different diesel, you know, hauling units now, that are really really convenient. You know, they are pretty elaborate systems.

But you gotta have a really great brake system that, you know, really can shut your trailer down, and carefully, conveniently and safely haul your horses and shut down. If you need to, just in case you encounter, you know, an accident, or you’ve gotta shut down right away due to whatever, you know, but, you know things that, events that may occur while your on the road.