Reputable Sellers

ALEX: I think reputable sellers of horses would be, knowing the trainer, knowing horses that are within a barn. A lot of trainers would be people that would be selling horses, because one owner has outgrown a specific horse because they’ve moved up in competition levels, so that horse would need to be placed with somebody else.

So reputable sellers are probably trainers. Probably in horse communities where you live, people have different horses for sale that you know. That’s probably the best route to go, don’t you think?

STEVE: Yes, and definitely breeders. And what you’ll find is most breeders have some horses that have been trained and developed along the lines of discipline that they’ve been breeding for. They utilize them as both advertisement and for replacement bloodstock or for replacement genetics, as far as mares are concerned (and certain stallions).

So it’s good to go to a breeder, because they tend to have a lot of representation of the stock that they’re actually perpetuating, so it makes for a good avenue as well.