ALEX: Suitability and purchasing a horse depends on a few factors. I think one is, what type of breed you want. And probably more importantly, what type of discipline or competition you want to do with your horse. And also under that would be conformation and the age of the horse. And it really boils down to specifically, what do you want to do with that horse? And that’s probably the first question to ask, don’t you think?

STEVE: Most definitely. I mean, you’ve got to think about if a person comes, and says, “Geez” – I mean, this has happened to me before as a veterinarian – they’ll say, “Geez. I’m looking at this 14.2 cut and bred horse, and I’m thinking about making him a 3-day event horse.” I’m like, “Well it’s intuitively obvious, that one just doesn’t suit.”

ALEX: It won’t work.

STEVE: Suitability doesn’t fit. No different than a ranch or rope horse would not be 16.2 warmblood. So, you’d basically use common sense, and you utilize the breeds that are most suitable, and what fits the program best.

ALEX: Yeah.